About EMS

The Key

The Key is an approach to life that allows music to be a natural, organic component to one’s existence. So often music is an after-thought or a special component to someone’s education. Instead, it should be thought of as an integral part of the learning process itself. Everyone has a subject they excel in…. music, math, sports, science, drama etc. We tend to think of these subjects as “first loves.” What we seldom think about is using those loves as building blocks in the educational process or as components used to achieve balance in an effort to improve our quality of life.


In other words: For the younger students, music study helps in various areas of development. Instead of removing music from the schedule of a poorly performing student, or to punish an unruly child, we should be asking how we could use music to reinforce other aspects of the educational process.


For adult students, music becomes therapy, a social outlet, and a chance for the brain to work out things on a subconscious level. Whether a student decides to become a professional is almost irrelevant. The process and knowledge by themselves are life changing.


For seniors, music presents many benefits in this concept. The feeling of being able to “reinvent” yourself with a skill is incredibly gratifying. The process itself helps keep mental skills sharp, restores the feeling of accomplishment, and helps to alleviate depression. Social groups develop, which increases the quality of life.