One of the best ways to improve one’s ear is through ensemble singing. This will develop your harmonic instinct, pitch and rhythm in a social and fun setting. Our “In Harmony” Class, Teen R&B and Swinging Seniors choirs will provide musical joy in an open-armed, fun and team spirited way. Each ensemble gets a half hour of Vocal Tech at the beginning of class, so there’s no auditions. The ability to read music is not required, but a smile is! These choirs will also have performances once, if not more per semester.


Mac Teens (Choir)

This is an empowerment program. Teens build self esteem, confidence and discipline through song and performance during our 12 week semester. Exercises in proper breathing, ear training, memory skills and harmony are done weekly, and the repertoire is R&B/Soul 1950-1990. We have created a comfortable, non-competitive, team spirited setting which helps build great social skills. Everyone’s a star in this choir!

Call for the special pricing of this class and schedule. 718-783-2231



” In Harmony”

This class will help bring out the background vocalist in you! Learn how to hear and sing harmony in a fun group class. “Oooo, what a little theory can do”!

Call for the special pricing of this class and schedule. 718-783-2231



Prospect Hill Senior Choir

Come get in touch with the voice you’ve been hiding for so long with a fun and social group. Class begins with Breathing and vocal exercises that will not only wake up your vocal folds, but make you healthy too. Good breathing practices will strengthen your abdominal and intercostal muscles and enhance your lungs’ function, giving you better circulation. Program includes Ear training, and you will learn to hear and sing in harmony. There are performances throughout the seasons, open to the public. We are an open armed choir with NO requirements except a smile and a taste for fun.

Wednesday 1:30-2:30 pm

Prospect Hill Senior Services Center St. Matthew-Emanuel Lutheran Church

283 Prospect Ave. Brooklyn (5th and 6th Aves.)
Free Membership, All are Welcome!

Excelsior Music Studio: 718-783-2231

Prospect Hill: 718-499-9574



Senior Band 

Learning to play a musical instrument sharpens the mind and lifts the spirit. Itʼs never too late to exercise your talents.

Call for the special pricing of this class and schedule. 718-783-2231



Blues Ensemble

Blues is a gateway to many of the other forms of music, including jazz, R&B, and others. This class will combine student’s vocal and instrumental prowess, coming together as students immerse themselves in the world of blues. This class will run once a week, and an audition is required.

Thursday 7:30-9:00 pm/  $425   90 minutes