Nee’s Voice

Vocal Technique

(Classes are taught by Grammy nominated vocalist, Renée Manning)

This five level program is designed to get vocalists on the right track technically. There is strong emphasis on breath, placement and proper projection methods. Development of muscles and control in a relaxed manner is key.

Vocal Tech 1 is the introduction to the method, developing relaxation skills, strengthening breathing, ear training and rhythm.  (Beginner)  Monday 6-7pm/ $350

Vocal Tech 2 advances the exercises, focusing on placement, projection, presence and articulation.(Returning Students TBA)

Vocal Tech 3 advances the exercises, presence and articulation.Introduction to song delivery and interpretation.   (Returning Students)  Monday 7:30-9pm/ $455  90 minutes

Vocal Tech 4 advances the exercises, focusing on delivery, interpretation, stage presence and thinking “outside the box” . (Returning Students) Wednesday 6:00-7:30pm/ $455

Professional Preparatory  is a two hour class which prepares you to step out into the world of performance. A full set of songs (7-8) are chosen by student to present in performance with a full rhythm section. Focus on arrangements, delivery, tempos and set flow are key in this class.                       Thursdays 5:30-7:30pm/ $705

 Discount available when you sign up for more than one class or private lessons. Seniors receive a 10% discount.

Class Location: 

Excelsior Music Studios
196 Park Place- Bell#2
Brooklyn, New York
Fall Semester   September 19- January 8, 2017

Master Classes

These classes offer an extraordinary opportunity for students to learn the essence of their craft in a friendly and supportive atmosphere with the help of a professional rhythm section. Communication, choosing material and arrangements are some of the topics addressed. Focus of Master Classes will vary and be announced.

Private Lessons are personalized according to the level and needs of the student.